20/21/22  Performance Season



In the first circus setting of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, critically acclaimed contemporary circus company Circa tightly weaves together powerful world-class acrobatics and dynamic encounters suffused with dark humour and rich tenderness. Featuring new composition by Philippe Bachman alongside Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, the famous high C on the bassoon sounds and the stage explodes with bodies locked in a ritual unto death.

Under the direction of circus visionary Yaron Lifschitz the Circa ensemble puts bodies on the line for Sacre in electrifying explosions of physicality and power.

10 performers | 65 minutes



En Masse presents two visions of humanity at its extremes.

Winter’s Journey is set after the apocalypse. Glitches and grooves are interspersed with Schubert’s exquisite songs of loss and love as tenor Rob Murray and acrobats from Circa’s legendary ensemble veer between anarchic energy and exquisite loss.

Contrasting the emotional core of Schubert, Circa presents the first-ever circus setting of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Circa acrobats are driven by the primal score, performed live in the two piano version, they engage in a life and death struggle between group and victim. The result is a hypnotic tribal ritual, driven by complex rhythms and visceral physicality.

13 performers (10 acrobats, 2 pianists, 1 singer) 105 minutes, presenter to provide two grand pianos



Leviathan is a powerful and authentic encounter between Circa’s world-renowned ensemble and community artists. Leviathan is a project of significant ambition and scope; one that continues Circa’s task of creating the future of circus by making fearlessly uncompromising art from the raw ingredients of extreme physicality to and to leave a legacy of incandescent theatrical moments.

We are a civilization careening toward an unknown fate in complex times. We cling to groups – to our families, our networks, our friends, our clans. But when the public and private spheres intersect and mobs form, massive and unpredictable energies are unleashed.

36 performers (18 Circa artists + 18 community artists) | 75 minutes




Circa has dared to create a physical score for the towering masterpiece of the symphonic repertoire

Ten world-class circus artists under the direction of  Yaron Lifschitz present Beethoven’s music in its rebellious physical form. Fearless and ferocious, human drama is writ large in Beethoven 9 – with aemotionally-charged choreography intricately woven to reflect the powerful score. Extreme skill and dramatic acrobatics play out in this moving anthem for humanity, where the lines between movement, music, dance and theatrics are blurred and boundaries are pushed. Beethoven 9 was premiered by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.




An intimate production that showcases the core of the Circa aesthetic— awe-inspiring movement of interlocking bodies providing an exposition of physical beauty at its’ purest. The Circa acrobats are joined on stage by a single violinist providing a musical canvas of Bach and electronica.

3 acrobats, 1 musician | 65 minutes




Cube studies allows a flexible model for Festivals or conventional venues of in-situ or digital art direction. Produced by Circa and environmental design firm, Urban Arts Projects, is a collaboration between per­formance and sculptural practice. Based on the form of a cube, exploring the relationship between structure and organic form. The local presenter will provide a (or several) local performer(s). Circa will provide specifications for local construction of the cube prop, per design as provided by Urban Projects and direction of movement and performers rehearsals will be via digital connection to Circa Artistic Director, Yaron Lifschitz. If preferred, Circa can arrange to ship already constructed cubes to presenter.