Oysters in the Great North

August 30, 2015

In Vancouver this week for the Western Alliance of Arts Conference. This evening we are having a kickoff dinner with colleagues Eleanor Oldham, John Luckovic and Mark Smith, along with the entire Lieberman brood; Linda, Lily, Hannah and me.

A desire for well-prepared seafood within walking distance of our apartment has led us to Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar in the Sutton Hotel. Somewhat upscale with prices to reflect the neighborhood, we are comforted when we realize that the US dollar now has the advantage over our Northern neighbor and the CA $36 bouillabaisse is actually a more manageable US$27 or so.

The habit of some Canadians, Pennsylvanians and Utahans(?) to monitor all aspects of wine and alcohol distribution usually gives the advantage to Molson when dining out, as wine lists can be a challenging task when looking for something (A) affordable and (B) interesting.

We are saved on both accounts though when the list (actually chock full of “B”, if not “A”) beckons with the 2012 Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet. A classic of seafood houses around the world, the first bottle is lovely. Broad aromas of white flowers supported by lemony acidity demand a plate of oysters and John Luckovic and I respond by downing a dozen together. A second round of oysters requires a second bottle, only this time though it’s the same wine but 2013 vintage instead and the youth of the wine shows as this one while excellent also, is different. There is even more bracing acidity and minerality to the wine, and again, the perfect foil to the cold seafood platter that Linda and Eleanor are sharing and the Boulabaisse Mark and I are enjoying. Any lover of shellfish should have a good Muscadet in their repertoire of wines to order when out with a crowd!

Domaine de la Pepieré, 2013 Muscadet sur lie, US$48 Boulevard Kitchen, Vancouver
also at any fine wine shop, under US$20.